Friday, July 8, 2022

PUZZLE 57: WE BACK (themeless)



Solving Music: Ricky Montgomery - Talk to You

Hilariously, I chose the solving music for this puzzle before realizing that it has, in fact, been a pretty long time! My last solo puzzle here was back in January, so I figure my birthday is a good day to return from unintentional hiatus. Also, it's my birthday today!

I've actually still been making puzzles for the blog, but cluing and setting up blog posts takes more effort than my brain likes to let me use, so I still don't expect to be posting frequently anytime soon, but maybe I'll dig up the unclued blog puzzles I have lying around and finally get to posting them. I actually have a Rows Garden and a Marching Bands lying around too, but I'm not sure if I'm happy enough with them to post them; you'll see them soon enough if I decide to share them after all.

Hope y'all enjoy the puzzle!

(I forgot that I had to draw Kimi art for this post until like right now, whoops lol)

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