Monday, December 14, 2020


Solving Music: Vaudeville Revival - The Garden

Wanted to try a funky grid shape for this one; I've been interested in trying to make themeless grids with classic themeless structures in the wrong places, and this attempt at stagger stacks outside the center is the first that's panned out. I've been tempted to try a triple-stack of 9s in the middle (which would force two 3x3 areas of blocks on the sides), so maybe you'll see a grid with that layout soon.  Probably worth noting that this puzzle is a bit name-heavy, but the crossings should all be fairly gettable. If not, then good luck!

In other news, if any of you are avid Cracking the Cryptic viewers, you'll probably have heard about the Modern Art Puzzle Pack made by the CTC Discord server. I have a sudoku in that pack! It's available for free over on the CTC Patreon page; go check out all the amazing logic puzzles if you get the chance!

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