Sunday, June 21, 2020


Solving Music: fusq feat. MYLK - Blush

16-wide grid today; even though it's oversized, it's still well above the usual themeless word count, but uh, this isn't the usual themeless. You'll see.
We gridded this on-stream over on my Twitch a while back; I let the viewers pick a seed entry from my wordlist for the center slot, and we managed a really solid set of entries for the stair-stack. I think the fill isn't the most solid, but it should be pretty apparent why that is. Hopefully there aren't too many rough crossings, but this is almost definitely gonna play on the intense side, I imagine. Hope it's a good brain-scratcher.

[EDIT 6/22 12:08 AM] Looks like I didn't know how to spell "Jersey". The image above and the puzzle links have been updated to fix the typo in the clue for 59-Across. Do I need to make an apology video now?

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